Bonnie Doon track open!

We are open mall hours and practice is 10 dollars for the day, and 5 dollars close to closing time.
Club racing is every Saturday from 8am to whenever we are done.
Entry for races for non members is 20 dollars, but all are welcome with suitable racing equipment

Classes for racing are:

  • 2wd buggy, 17.5, 2s
  • 4wd buggy, 13.5, 2s
  • Sct 2wd, 13.5, 2s
  • Open is anything smaller then 1/10 scale

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Club Racing

We currently have seven classes that we run (see below). If you have a car that does not fit into an existing class then we will do our best to fit you into one that is as close as possible. We require 5 registered vehicles of a specific class to run it. If there if less than 5, then those vehicles will be mixed in with another class.

Download PDF Club Racing Registration Form. Fill out, print and bring to the track.

Registration ends at 9:30am - Driver's meeting is at 9:45am - 1st race starts at 10:00am sharp!


Race Classes

  • 1/10th 2wd Open
  • 1/10th 4wd SCT
  • 1/8th Electric Buggy
  • 1/8th Electric Truggy
  • 1/8th Nitro Buggy
  • 1/8th Nitro Truggy
  • Kids Novice (max 12 years)


Membership Fees
$100/year (covers all members in household)

Club Race Fees
$15 for first entry*
$10 for each additional entry
$5 for Kids Novice each entry



To give our members a true racing experience, we run a professional MyLaps lap counting system.**
We also have the ability to stream live on

*For members only. Non members pay $25 for each entry.

**An RC4 transponder is required to track your lap times. You can race without one but your times will not be counted. Transponders can be purchased from one of our sponsors.

Please note that due to excessive track maintenance we do not allow any 1/5th scale vehicles on our track.


Memberships are available for purchase on site every Saturday from May through to September, weather permitting. Make sure to check our facebook page before you make the trip. Sometimes we have to cancel a race due to bad weather or poor track conditions.



1/10 scale short course trucks, stadium trucks and buggies.

  • Max 2s lipo (8.4 volts).
  • 550 size motor (open kv).
  • Must be purpose built kit - no conversions from 1/8 buggy to SCT.
  • No buggy tires on short course trucks - must have proper wheel offset (tires within the fenders of the body).
  • Bodies must be cut according to manufacturer guidelines - no excess fender cut outs.

1/8 scale electric and nitro trucks and buggies.

  • Must be purpose built kit.
  • No gyros.
  • Max 4s lipo for electric buggies.
  • Max 6s lipo for electric trucks.
  • Max .21 size engine for nitro buggies.
  • Max .28 size engine for nitro trucks.
  • Max 125cc fuel tank for nitro buggies.
  • Max 150cc fuel tank for nitro trucks.

RCRE reserves the right to disqualify any vehicle that is considered a safety hazard such as a loose fuel tank or battery, or missing parts or custom modifications which could pose unnecessary risk of injury to marshals and/or pit crew.


Racing Etiquette

Racing is supposed to be fun, for everyone. Below are some guidelines that will help keeping it that way.

The Driver's Stand:

  • Be respectful of racers that are already standing in line to get on the stand. Do not cut the line. Always wait until all the drivers from the previous race have exited before getting on the stand.
  • Do not yell at other drivers, marshals, or the race director. If someone is yelling at you, be the bigger person and let it go. Leave the battles for the race on the track. If there is an issue, bring it up with the race director after the race has finished.
  • Constrain yourself after finishing the race. Unless you finished last, there are still drivers racing. It's exciting to win, but if you start jumping and screaming you will distract others who are still trying to concentrate.

While Racing:

  • Do not cut corners and take short cuts on the track. If you do so accidentally (even if it was due to a crash that was not your fault), either wait for a marshal to return you to the correct spot, or wait long enough to ensure that no advantage was gained. Whatever you do, do not drive backwards on the track, or use the reverse, during the race.
  • If you are having a bad race day — which we all have sometimes — do not take your frustration out on the other racers or the marshals. Slow down the pace and finish the race, or leave the track the next time you get to the pit exit.
  • If you are being lapped by another driver:
    • Hold your line until you can get to a place where it is safe to move out of the way and let the faster driver pass.
  • If you are lapping another driver:
    • Make the pass as safe as possible. The driver in front of you might be a rookie with limited abilities. Also remember that everyone is racing; the driver in front of you is also competing for position.
  • When you are battling for position with another driver:
    • If you are attempting to pass, wait for a safe moment to make your move.
    • Do not push the other car out of the way. If you accidentally do so, then show courtesy and wait for the other driver to recover and then resume your race behind him/her.
    • If the other driver is trying to pass you, hold the line. The other driver will have to figure out how to get by (unless he/she is lapping you, then move out of the way). Do not knock the other driver out. Play fair.

Track Information

We currently operate one track at our facility. The track is designed to accommodate both 1/10 scale and 1/8 scale vehicles. We are open to members 9 am - 9 pm all week during the summer, provided that the track surface is dry. We host club races every Saturday 9 am - 5 pm. The classes that we run on race days are listed above. Other days of the week (Sunday - Friday) you can bring any vehicle you want, except for 1/5 scale.

The track is medium size, with a hard packed track surface (clay mix), and light dust on top. Conditions vary throughout the season and with changing weather.

We do not have electricity or running water but generators provide power during club races and trophy race events (bring your own extension cord). Portapotties are available throughout the summer.

Please note that it is critical that member’s follow the track rules regarding operating hours. There is to be NO members at the track facilities outside of our posted operating hours which are from 9 am to 9 pm. The only exception being race days where early entry and possibly late exit is allowed (at the discretion of the race director or executive). This means that on a week night the track will effectively close at 8:30 pm to give enough time for all drivers to be off the facilities by 9 pm. 

Pit Decks

Pit deck rentals are available to members and RCRE will cover 50% of all deck maintenance costs (this does not include the tent).  The club will reimburse the 50% for repairs once the work has been completed.

A small $25 annual residency fee will be paid to RCRE by each deck resident in addition to the annual membership fee.

If you are a member and interested in a deck spot, please speak to one of the executives.


2022 Club Executives

President: Jeremy Litke
Vice President: Martin Fabian
Treasurer: Sharon Chapman
Secretary: Mike Bridges


Race Director: Dustan Brandson
Track Director: Len Litke
Co-track Director: Dwayne Barr
Promotional/Web Director: Patrick Eriksson


Allen Kinnear